Educational Role of ILEA

ILEA offers a variety of educational experiences for professionals in the special events industry.

Continuing education helps build your career and/or your company and helps bring the industry to new heights of excellence. Just as importantly, it assures your clients of highly professional, cutting-edge service. To help you maintain your continuing education goals, ILEA offers comprehensive, year-round, local and international educational opportunities. We strive to provide you with educational opportunities that are relevant to you both personally and professionally; introducing you to new ideas or sharpening your skills by establishing best practices.

We encourage you to take advantage of the variety of educational opportunities available to you. If there are specific topics that you would like to see covered at local or international educational programs, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

Monthly Programs

Each month the ILEA Minneapolis-St. Paul Chapter strives to provide you with timely, relevant and high-quality programs that help you to improve your skill set and to extend your network of trusted experts. Our monthly programs alternate between Educational Programs that feature renowned speakers and valuable content and Networking Programs that provide the perfect opportunity to meet face to face with industry colleagues. All monthly programs are open to both ILEA members and non-members.

Diverse topics range from catering and design trends to event safety and security and are delivered by experts in each selected field of study.

If you would like to become involved with developing the educational content for the ILEA Minneapolis-St. Paul Chapter, please e-mail