ILEA-MSP Announcements

  • ILEA-MSP Transparency Statement

    ILEA-MSP is heartbroken by the tragic murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers, and to the pain and anger reverberating throughout not just our local community, but America and across the globe. 

    We have spent the last several weeks listening, learning, and planning.

    As a professional association we are committed to continuing our work on examining and expanding the equity and inclusion within our chapter. We recognize that historically our membership has been predominately white, cisgendered, heterosexual members. We as an organization have the ability to ensure access, share resources and amplify diverse voices of Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPoC) within our membership and surrounding community. We must commit to using our systemic influence to change the diversity within our industry.

    We would like to be transparent in where we currently fall short and how we plan to take action moving forward.