Clearing up the Complexities of Communication

When:  Oct 15, 2019 from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM (CT)
Associated with  Minneapolis/St. Paul Chapter
In today’s workplace culture, the loudest person in the room tends to be the one who is heard. In meetings, the person who can categorize their thoughts the fastest is labeled a rock star. Some people communicate to get information, others to help build relationships. Introverts have a different communication style than extroverts.

With all of these layers of complexity, how we’re trying to come across and what we’re trying to say can get misinterpreted in an instant. Miscommunication can lead to falling behind at work, getting passed over for promotions, and worst of all, becoming frustrated with our fellow colleagues, managers, or leaders.

This presentation highlights the top three areas where messages get lost in translation and people fail to get their meaning across. Expert communicator, speaker, and storyteller Lisa Walden presents actionable takeaways so that everyone can actively listen, speak confidently, and really be heard. Lisa is the Co-Founder of Good Company Consulting.


Lisa X. Walden is a speaker, strategist, and consultant dedicated to helping businesses create authentic, empowering workplaces that don’t inspire the dreaded Sunday scaries. Her presentations deliver action-oriented insights that help people better connect, collaborate, and communicate.

As co-founder of Good Company Consulting, her work is centered on the (strangely revolutionary) concept that people and strategy don’t have to be mutually exclusive. She takes a holistic approach to workplace strategy, keeping human beings - arguably the most valuable resources - at front and center. Lisa’s speeches focus on how to maintain thriving cultures, best-practices for mindful communication practices, and tactics for nurturing the single most important component of a healthy work environment—trust.

She has worked with a broad range of clients and organizations, ranging from architects, to finance, real estate, and hospitality. In her speeches, Lisa strives to inspire mindset shifts by presenting valuable, research-based insights in a way that resonates, engages, and entertains. She weaves in stories, statistics, case studies, and some good old-fashioned self-deprecating humor into each and every one of her presentations.

Lisa is the co-author of Managing Millennials for Dummies and is deep in the trenches of planning her next book. She is a voracious consumer of all business-related books, podcasts, magazines, and think pieces.




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